About Us

About Café Anna Bella

Sam DiMattia began working in restaurants in 1986 at the young age of fourteen. His early years were spent learning the ropes in different types of establishments from pizzerias and bagel shops to gourmet steakhouses. Sam found his niche working in a café setting, winning numerous awards and competitions during his ten years at Einstein Bagel and Panera Bread. As a general manager, DiMattia became known for driving sales through the roof, and bringing a failing restaurant back to life.

In 2006, Sam decided to try his hand at catering in New York City, one of the most difficult markets to break into. He found himself quickly successful, catering events at Bear Stearns, AstraZeneca, Merck, and Pacha. In Times Square on New Year’s Eve 2007, DiMattia was serving food to eight hundred happy and hungry people.

Serving Customers

Sam loved serving customers in a family friendly setting, but also enjoyed the challenge of catering to large parties. After almost thirty years in the restaurant industry, Café Anna Bella was born. Sam hit his mark when he opened the café, surrounded by successful businesses in need of catering, and in an area with lots of families, but not a lot of options when looking for a quiet and warm place to grab a quick breakfast or lunch.

30 Years

DiMattia brings to Café Anna Bella the knowledge he has gained in almost three decades of food service. That knowledge, along with friendly staff, a comfortable setting, and delicious food, is turning Café Anna Bella into your go-to place for breakfast, lunch, catering your business meeting or birthday party.

Sam has always lived by this acronym, which attests to his unfailing desire to provide the best service possible: H.E.A.R. He is always ready to hear about the problem you’re having, empathize with you, ask what he can do to help, and react accordingly.